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5 + 1 Tips on what to pay attention to when transporting a boat on a trailer

The summer we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. We can pack our swimsuits, towels, slippers and head to the beach. However, among water lovers there are those who prefer watercrafts. But in case of larger boats and ships we need a boat trailer. What should we pay attention to when transporting boats and ships? We are looking for the answer to this in our current blog post.

5+1 tipp, mire ügyeljünk, ha hajót szállítunk az utánfutónkon Autóflex-Knott

5 + 1 Tips on what to pay attention to when transporting a boat on a trailer.

1.     Attach the hull firmly to the boat trailer, but not too tight.

This is understandable as no one wants the boat or the ship to fall off the trailer during transport. Autóflex-Knott offers a myriad of tools for properly securing watercrafts. However, keep in mind that the hull or the frame is subject to strong tension. As a result, it may happen that if you apply too much force to the frame or the hull, it may collapse or cut into the side of the vessel.

2.     Loosen the tension of the straps while parking.

If you do not take the vessel off the trailer right away and it stays on the boat trailer for several days or even a week, do not forget to loosen the straps a little. This reduces the tension and increases the life-span of the vessel. Do not forget to tighten the loose straps again before you continue your trip.

3.     Cover the trailer frame with a soft material where it makes contact with the hull of the vessel.

In most cases, polyfoam is used to cover the hull of the vessel. It is easily accessible and provides a good solution for some time, but unfortunately it is not UV resistant so it disperses quickly. Unfortunately, in this case the lining material between the frame and the ship will not be of sufficient thickness. What are some tricks to prevent this? Apply a UV-resistant adhesive tape on the polyfoam to extend its life-span. Use other UV-resistant solutions: carpet pieces, hoses cut into half, fire hoses or special rubber profiles.

4.     Also line the parts between the straps and the boat.

A professional way to secure the vessel to the trailer is to put UV-resistant material where the strap tightly wraps the boat.

5.     How to transport the boat safely on the trailer?

Read our previous blogpost where we share 7 tips on safe boat and ship transport.

+ 1 Importance of maintenance

Be sure to check the condition of the boat trailer regularly. Also, the plastic parts required for boat trailers deserve special attention during inspection.

Before you depart, make sure that everything works perfectly on your boat trailer. If you need any Autóflex-Knott trailer parts, you can buy them in our webshop or order them at or at our domestic sales line at +3676502058.