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The coronavirus has left its mark not only on people’s everyday lives, but also on the economy and industry. Everyone tries to tighten their belts and spend only on the things they really need. With the advent of summer many people chose to vacation at home. Or they just visited nearby places as we wrote about it in our blog post It is the golden age of trailers.

Home, where we live

In contrast to going on holiday, the beautification of their own houses, apartments, homes and gardens was the priority. After all, the time spent in quarantine convinced them that it is now worthwhile to spice up their own place of residence, their environment, as they have to spend most of their time there for a while.

How do the industry and trailers come into the picture?

Obviously, renovation, home improvement and landscaping can be done with the do-it-yourself method only for a while. If we have bitten off more than we can chew, we will definitely need professionals. Therefore, labour and tools were also needed in the construction industry due to increased demand.

The majority of the companies deliver the raw materials and, of course, their own tools needed for the renovation to the construction site themselves. Not to mention that many are willing to transport the produced construction waste themselves. What do they need for this? Of course, one – or rather more – well-functioning and durable trailers. The companies that had the right number of trailers also needed trailer parts if any of them broke down or wore out.

Trailer parts at Autóflex-KNOTT

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an individual in the case of trailers, feel free to contact us. If you need any spare parts you can find them in our webshop or you can order them online at or on our domestic sales line at +3676502058.