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An electrifying connection between can and trailer

We have already talked in detail about the primary connection point between the vehicle and the trailer, between the towing ball and the coupling head. Perhaps the secondary connection point is obvious as well, but let us say a few words about this too. The two vehicles must also be professionally connected for electrical reasons, as this is essential both for safe driving and for a smooth power supply for the other devices.

Utánfutó és jármű elektronikus kapcsolata

Why is proper electronic control important?

Today’s modern cars already have plenty of electronic units. For their proper operation and protection, and to ensure the direction indicator and warning lamps operation the trailers, caravans, horse, boat or bicycle transporters may only be properly connected to the car’s electrical network with specially designed electronic units. It is also important to avoid overloading thin wires specially designed to power car headlights and thus overheating them.

What electronic devices are needed for trailers?

Nowadays, there are (typically) two types of socket / plug connections, the 7 and the 13 pin ones. Legislation also specifies the types of power supply required for trailers (e.g. depending on size). It is advised to equip our car with a 13-pin connection. This is because, if necessary, a trailer with a 7-pin or a 13-pin connector can also be connected using a converter. Moreover, it is possible to tow a trailer with a 13-pin plug if your car has a 7-pin connector. In this case, however we must consider that with a mixed connection (7/13 or 13/7) only the most important devices are operational (position indicator and directional indicator lamps).

Our car must therefore be protected against possible overload and short circuits during operation, as these can cause serious damage.

The main features of a good connector are:

– solid, closed plastic housing
– resistance to weather and corrosion
– stable electrical contact
– integrated cable outlet
– available adapters for connecting 7-pin and 13-pin connections based on different standards

You can find quality parts for safe and efficient operation of trailers and caravans, among other electrical accessories, in the Autóflex-Knott webshop, or you can place an order at or by calling our domestic sales line at +3676502058.


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