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Quality Management System

Integrated policy of AUTÓFLEX Group

Flexibility and Development!

These watchwords can be regarded as a motto for our Company to head for a direction where high-standard production shall be performed in the field of automotive industry. By doing so we can lay the basis of long-term relations.

Flexibility is beneficial when satisfying customer demands in terms of time, quantity and quality; whereas development helps to improve the effectiveness of our products, manufacturing processes, energy consumption and manpower.

During our work quality is considered to be the major priority, meaning that the successes, satisfaction of our partners are the indicators of our efficiency.

AUTÓFLEX Group has the goal to see every third trailer made with Autóflex products all over the world. Currently, it is true for every third trailer manufactured in Europe.

To this end:

  • We win over customers with our high-standard products and services, as well as our care dedicated to the maintenance of contacts satisfying all associated demands.
  • We pose stringent requirements on ourselves and our suppliers; they all go back to customer demands and expectations, and comply with the relevant legal regulations, the obligations we undertake.
  • We strive to develop long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with our suppliers. We expect our suppliers to provide us with such products, equipment and services that adequately comply with the specified quality and energy efficiency-related requirements.
  • When planning our activities, we attach importance to the recognition of those relevant internal and external factors that might have an impact on our actions, including the specification, analysis and adequate management of the inherent risks and opportunities as well.
  • For our customers, we ensure technological innovation, consistent development in the field of production processes and product manufacturing. Our R&D activities are pioneering in developing innovative technologies for the trailer market.
  • We organize our processes by following energy efficiency, based on the requirements of Standard MSZ EN ISO 50001:2018, thus they comply with the environmental standards, meaning that we watch over the health and safety of our workers.
  • We aspire to create an atmosphere and culture where effectiveness, the prevention of faults, renewal and quality, the consistent improvement of energy efficiency are all natural demands.

In all areas of our activities, we attribute priority to the criteria of quality management and energy efficiency, and they are also enforced in our business relations. To keep the trust of our customers and satisfy their demands to an utmost extent, as well as to meet our shareholders’ expectations and ensure long-term, successful and energy-efficient operation, we operate and ensure the continuous development of an integrated management system in line with Standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 and MSZ EN ISO 50001:2018. Our Company’s management and all our employees are committed to quality and the efficient use of energy.

The effective operation of our integrated management system allows our Group’s management to assume firmly grounded responsibility for our products and energy-conscious activities.

01 August 2021

Sándor H.Szabó
managing director