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Environmental conscious production at Autóflex-Knott Ltd.

Environmental protection is of paramount importance today as society has realized that in its own ecological living conditions self-inflicted damage must be prevented, mitigated and averted in order to have a liveable planet that we can boldly pass on to our grandchildren.

There is no question that humanity has a responsibility for and depends on the environment around, so we must fight to preserve the natural and artificial environmental values that surround us. As a result, we must place great emphasis on protecting and creating a liveable, sustainable environment. We consider it important that the production and consumption system be sustainable. Thus, at Autóflex-Knott Ltd. we also take significant steps to protect the environment. After all, in addition to the efforts of everyday people, the production at large companies also has a huge impact on the environment.

What environmental activities does Autóflex-Knott ltd. do?

Recycling of crap metal

Did you know that recycling scrap metal provides a steady source of industrial raw materials? How is it possible? Metals can be recycled indefinitely and in general their properties do not change during the process. Therefore, scrap metal is an accessible and continuously reproducing material source.

Scrap metal is smelted and metal products are manufactured using metallurgy. Autóflex-Knott Ltd. transports scrap metal, metal shavings and sheet metal back to its Serbian foundry where it is recycled and may soon be returned to the production process. Our company recycles 90% of its scrap metal.

Special purification of the water of the painting plant

Like most heavy industry plants, trailer manufacturers use plenty of water. However, Autóflex-Knott Ltd. said no to waste. In our KTL painting plant, we purify water through a special process to prevent toxic substances from winding up in the drain. In this way, the generated sewage can be recycled.

Collection and recycling of plastic caps.

We also collect plastic caps and other plastic waste selectively which is recycled and and reintroduced into the production process with the help of LUX Ltd.

Selective collection and recycling of rubber

Rubber tires are also collected selectively, as they are considered hazardous waste. With the help of Gumiipari Ltd. we can recycle tires and then they can be returned to the production process as raw materials.

Selective collection of paper

In addition to the selective collection of waste that can be used in production, our company also pays attention to individual selective waste collection. Therefore, paper is also collected selectively along with other waste.

As a Linde partner, environmental protection is close to our heart.

We are Linde Green certified. This is how they thanked us that we chose a product, which belongs to the Linde family, that is produced with 100% renewable energy.

The certification was issued to us for our use of green energy, basically our industrial source of oxygen was solved by Linde using solar energy. Air separation plants were powered by solar energy. This way, our company also contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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