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5 +1 tips on how to prepare your trailer for spring

Despite the mild winter, the use of trailers is more typical for the spring, summer and autumn periods. No wonder, as renovations, constructions, motorcycle riding, quad bike riding, boat sailing, horseback riding and horse transportation ramps up with the coming of good weather. We dust off our trailers suitable for freight transport in the spring as well, because the season has arrived. What should we look out for when spring arrives? How should we prepare our trailer? We are looking for the answer to this in our blog post.

5+1 tipp, hogyan készítse fel utánfutóját a tavaszra Autóflex-Knott

5 +1 tips on how to prepare your trailer for spring

1. Check the condition of the tires.

Safe driving? Only on undamaged tyres. Be sure to check the condition of the tyre, as this is the basis of everything. Under no circumstances should the tire be worn, damaged or cracked, as this can be dangerous during traffic. In addition to the condition, do not forget to check the tyre pressure and the tread depth.

2. Checking the brake cable cover and the rubber bellows

In case of braked trailers, the rubber bellows behind the coupling head and the brake cable cover are of particular importance. Do not forget to inspect them.

3. Checking brake settings

If you have a braked trailer, then check the brake settings. Good brakes and good brake settings are essential. Check the settings twice a year. What are the steps for setting the brakes? You can find the steps in our 8-point checklist for adjusting trailer brakes blog post.

4. The soul of the trailer is the axle which we need to pay special attention to.

Road conditions in Hungary and potholes are not really favourable for the condition of the axles. As a result, we definitely need to examine them in time. Their service life can range from 20,000 kilometres to 200,000 kilometres depending on the condition of the roads and the conditions of use. Check the condition of the axle in time, so that the longer duration of a possible major repair or replacement does not come as a surprise.

5. Maintenance of the drawbar and the coupling head

Do not forget to service the drawbar, as this part also needs to be lubricated every six months. The coupling head is an integral part of the drawbar, but special care must be taken of its maintenance. Lubricate this as well.

+ 1 In addition to maintenance, think about renovating your trailer.

If you have been using your trailer for a long time, it is worth considering a possible renovation as well. There are many new products on offer at Autóflex-Knott which contribute to the innovative nature of our trailers.

Which parts are worth refurbishing?

  • new, safer coupling head: The new coupling heads work perfectly even in extreme conditions. The new, robust design as well as the covered mechanics provide better protection and resistance against mud and ice. This is why we recommend them for use in harsh environments as well.
  • new type of mudguard: The innovative shape fits perfectly with the chassis design. Along with the mudguard we have also developed a mud flap which is very easy to install thanks to the use of a special groove. Not to mention that the mud flap fits perfectly into the cross section of the mudguard.
  • new lights: Good visibility is also very important in the case of trailers. Therefore, it is worth buying new lights when refurbishing.
  • wheel chock, bracket for wheel chock: The wheel chock can be used both for trailers and cars as. It prevents the unwanted movement of the trailer from sloping on slippery roads. You can choose a practical bracket for the wheel chock that can be mounted directly on the trailer for storing the chock itself.

If you need any Autóflex-Knott trailer parts, you can buy it in our webshop or order it at or at our domestic sales line at +3676502058.