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Trailers are more and more popular for home use

During the coronavirus epidemic, people also had time for things they hadn’t done in a long time. How did people spend their free time? Why is it practical to have a trailer at home? In this blog post we are looking for the answer to these questions. Read on.

Clearance, renovation, and the trailer

During COVID-19, everyone learned that it is worth decorating their own home, as it is not possible to know when home quarantine will be ordered and how long the epidemic will last. As many were forced into home office – or worse – lost their jobs, people had plenty of free time left which they spent only for a while watching series and movies, playing board games, or reading.

This was the right time to finally eliminate the accumulated odds and ends. Many of the ladies went through their own wardrobes, while moms through their children’s toys and clothes, not to mention kitchen stuff and pantries, discarding whatever they did not need anymore. Men were finally able to take time to tidy up the garage or the shed. Due to the virus, central urban clearances were cancelled or postponed, so many have invested in trailers to get rid of the accumulated things in the blink of an eye.

There were a good few who started renovating their homes. In our previous blog post, we wrote about why renovation and renovation contractors needed a trailer. Now we focus on the fact that many people wanted to solve everything on their own, so the trailer was essential. The debris and the raw materials needed for the renovation were transported in the trailer.

There were also brave ones who decided to move. They realized that they had to deal with the removal of their belongings on their own, as employees of the moving companies could not go to confined spaces. That’s why they also invested in a trailer.

Is a trailer essential for landscaping?

If they wanted to keep not only the green lawn at home, but also the one at the holiday home tidy, they needed a trailer to transport the lawn tractor. Last but not least, the trailer also made it much easier to transport green waste, as it was possible to load far more bags onto it than could have fit in the trunk of the car.

Those who already had a trailer were happy to order parts if any of them were worn out or broken.

Trailer parts at Autóflex-KNOTT

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