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How to transport your motorcycle or quad easily on the trailer?

We are slowly approaching the end of summer, but that does not mean we have to say goodbye to good weather. Together with the school year, the hiking season will also begin. Lovers of motorcycles and quads know that this is the best time to get in the saddles and explore the beautiful landscapes of our country and the surrounding countries. Of course, for many it is a dilemma that they already have a family and obviously they want to go on a trip together, but the head of the family does not want to give up the liberating feeling of motorcycling or quad bike riding either. What is the solution? A trailer.

The trailer is the bridge between family and hobby

The trailer is a really family-friendly solution, so we can enjoy the trip together without compromise. Just think about it, you want to organize a trip to Transdanubia where wonderful landscapes are abundant: hills and valleys, fields and forests, creeks and lakes. And these can best be admired from a motorcycle.  We know that our family would also enjoy every minute of it.

What should we do?  Mount the motorcycle or quad on the trailer. This way you can go on an excursion together with your family, wife and children. And when they crave a little quiet rest, a pool party or the hustle and bustle of a city, we can just hop on the motorcycle or quad and in a few hours we can visit the nearby attractions. If we have an older child, he can also enjoy every moment of motorcycling or quad bike riding with you wearing the right protective equipment.

If you travel with your girlfriend, she will also be grateful to be able to spend the lion’s share of the trip in a comfortable car. The luggage can fit well in the trunk of the car, so she can bring her favourite high heel shoe with her. Then the two of you can ride into the wilderness with a motorcycle or quad. Do you need more than this?

How to put the motorcycle or quad on the trailer?

It is very difficult to bother with ramps, to install and dismantle them, and at least two people are needed to yank up the motorcycle or quad and fasten it. We cannot ask our sweetheart to push that few hundred kilos up the ramp… What is the solution? A manually operated trailer lowering system.

What is the manually operated trailer lowering system?

Autóflex-KNOTT offers a really innovative device with which the mounting of the motorcycle or quad on the trailer is a child’s play. It allows the rear of the trailer to be lowered all the way to the ground, then you simply roll up with the motorcycle or quad.

How does it work?

Let’s take a close look at the video which shows each step of the installation. First, attach the trailer to your car and then tighten the winch. With one hand the locking lever must be raised, while with the other hand turn the winch and the rear of the trailer gets lowered. After 3-4 turns release the locking lever and continue turning the winch until the end of the loading surface reaches the ground. Now you can roll your motorcycle onto the trailer. Secure the vehicle, then start winding up the winch lifting the loading surface. Soon 2-3 clicks can be heard as the bowden jumps into place. Then continue winching for 2-3 turns until it is tight, then you need to winch 2-3 turns in the direction of lowering. This relieves the load.

How to acquire a trailer with a manually operated lowering system?

Unfortunately, we cannot retrofit a trailer with a manually operated lowering system. You can only buy a new trailer with this feature built in. You can order any trailer base from us; however, complete trailers can be ordered only from specialized trailer manufacturers. Search for trailers with Autóflex-KNOTT parts at these manufacturers.

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