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If you notice this problem with your trailer, think of torsion rubbers

We may not realise what a complex and well-functioning system is responsible for the safe transportation of our cargo from one place to another in the case of trailers. Well, as long as everything goes smoothly. If, on the other hand, the road holding of the vehicle ceases, we may suspect that there is something wrong and it is worth thinking of the solution.

Let us bounce a few ideas off each other

Everyone has already learned in primary school during Physics lessons why we need springs, but perhaps it is best illustrated in the movement of vehicles. Without minimizing the effects of road bumps while driving, continuous bumping would shake everything up.

Operation of rubber suspension in trailers

Smaller irregularities of the road are absorbed by the tire while the larger ones are absorbed by the spring elements. This is no different in the case of trailers. The main purpose of the torsion rubber is to follow the movement of the swing arm and to bring it back to its original position. The rubber has a high internal damping capacity. For example, we take advantage of this by not necessarily needing a shock absorber. They are located in the 4 corners of the hollow section, 4 pieces per side.

Tips from Autóflex-Knott technicians

We are often asked about how long torsion rubbers last. With normal use it can be more than 10 years, but to achieve this, we also need to do the following:

– it is of utmost importance that we comply with the rules regarding the loading of the trailer, in particular regarding those of maximum total weight and proper loading,
use fixed support leg when storing vehicles with heavy loads (caravans, compressors, aggregators)

If there is only a problem with the torsion rubber, it can be recognized from these three signs:

– the moving wheel of the trailer does not show abnormal wear, “only” the suspension has ceased to work,
– the height of the vehicle may get lower even when empty,
– the wheel touches the mudguard more frequently when under load.

Not every anomaly is a fault

At the end of the axle sleeve (housing) the torsion rubber is usually visible, sticking out approx. 10mm. After a while it may discolour and crack. There’s no need to be scared, it is not a fault. It is just a few millimetres that stick out. The part inside the axle housing is protected so if the above listed phenomena does not occur, you may continue to use the vehicle safely.

How can you replace the torsion rubber?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy it and replace it at home. At Autóflex-Knott Ltd we can install the new parts with the tools needed to manufacture the axle.

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