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To see and TO BE SEEN! Important information about trailer lighting

Keeping in mind the mandatory safety regulations as well as the Highway Code, a perfectly functioning electrical system and lighting is essential for every vehicle. It is important to see well and to be seen well on the road. In addition, in this foggy, grey winter, visibility is greatly reduced so it is extremely important to be visible in time if you have a trailer or caravan attached to your vehicle.

The first and most important aspects to consider are the legal requirements as they override the aesthetic and financial preferences. At Autóflex-KNOTT we mostly distribute the products of the Polish company Fristom and constantly stock up on lighting products and accessories that are essential for the excellent visibility of the trailers.

Lights, direction indicators, position lights and reflectors at Autóflex-KNOTT

The electrical system of the trailer consists of a connector, a cable and lights. The role of the connector is to connect the trailer to the electrical system of the car which allows the lights to illuminate. Of course, for this to work it is essential for the trailer or the caravan intended for towing to have perfectly functioning lighting elements. At Autóflex-KNOTT a wide range of lights, direction indicators, position lights and reflectors which bare the approval mark of the EU await you to find the ideal lighting for your trailer. You can even choose prefabricated electrical wiring harnesses for your trailer.

LED or non-LED? – that is the question

There are basically two types of lights for trailers: the conventional bulbs and the LED ones. LED lights have many advantages over conventional lights and are also recommended for environmental protection. New, modern cars are increasingly incorporating LED trailers.

Advantages of LED trailer lights

  • One of the most important benefits is longer life. With a little stretch it can be said they last “forever”.
  • LED light sources provide much better brightness at the same power level for better visibility.
  • Although it is a matter of taste, LED lights have prettier light.
  • Few people consider that LED lights do not have “heat up time”, while incandescent light bulbs do. LED lights light up virtually instantly.
  • LED itself is much less susceptible to vibration than incandescent light bulbs.
  • LED lights are almost exclusively manufactured waterproof.

At Autóflex-KNOTT you can buy by the piece or in bulk

An important rule is that the lights of the trailer and the lights of the towing vehicle must be of the same type. Thus, if you wish to change your current light type you will need to change the lighting on the trailer at each location. You can switch from traditional lights to LEDs if you wish. You can buy lighting elements by the piece from the warehouse stock at Autóflex-KNOTT Kft., but we can be of service to you quickly and effectively if you want to order from us in bulk.

Contact Autóflex-KNOTT for providing proper lighting for your trailer. The necessary trailer parts can be ordered at our domestic sales line +3676502058. If our customer service is busy, at or in our webshop.