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We look to the future with confidence

Goodbye 2019!

Higher sales, increased revenue and many new, satisfied customers – these were the achievements of the Kecskemét based Autóflex-KNOTT Kft. in 2019. We evaluate the achieved results at the end of each year. It is a good feeling to think back to the successes and our new experiences of 2019. In the light of last year’s success, it is no wonder that we look to the future with confidence. One of the main focuses are our subsidiaries as they are going to spread their wings and fly out of the Autóflex-KNOTT family nest.

Welcome 2020!

Autóflex-KNOTT Kft. with 40 years of professional history offers a wide range of high-quality trailer parts for domestic and foreign companies and private customers with the aim of continuous innovation, high level of customer service and maintaining a family atmosphere. Our business group is going to reach another important milestone in 2020.

Rubber and plastic – the two essential elements

In the material usage of a metalworking company working primarily with castings and steel there are a number of other elements that are essential for the complete assembly of our products. One is rubber and the other is the family of plastics and their wide use. Both product groups are manufactured by our independent subsidiaries. In charge of producing the rubber elements is KECSKEMÉTI GUMIIPARI Kft. while the manufacturer of the plastic products is LUX GÉPJÁRMŰALKATRÉSZEKET GYÁRTÓ Kft.

New year, new location

So far, we have worked together with both of our subsidiaries in the same premises. However, in 2020 they will fly out of the “family nest” moving to a new location not too far from us. Thus, the vacant offices, production halls and warehouses are going to be renovated and rebuilt.

What will our clients gain from the expansion?

The purpose of the investment is to expand our manufacturing capacity and further modernize our existing technology to streamline and optimize individual workflow. With these innovative steps we want to deliver even higher quality and fast service to our customers in the year 2020.

We thank our customers, partners and last but not least our colleagues for their cooperation throughout the year. We wish you a Happy New Year filled with success.

If you need any Autóflex-KNOTT trailer parts you can buy it in our webshop or order it at or on our domestic sales line +3676502058.