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The mobility of different parts and equipment is important not only for vehicles but also for almost all areas of the industry. The wide range of axles manufactured by Autóflex-Knott Kft. helps move your structures and keep them in motion. In addition to the traditional areas of use (car carriers, road freight) we also cater to the specific needs of our customers in specific segments.


Autóflex-Knott torsion axle

The axle is the soul of machines

It’s a well known fact that a rudimentary version of axles were used in acient times for construction and in combat. However, in the past millenia this indispensable component which is one of the mechanical elements found in almost every moving device, has undergone tremendous development. Axles in the modern sense are machine parts that do rotary motion and are also involved in the transmission of torque. They are generally straight centerlined components, thin in relation to their length and often circular in their cross-section. They can be varied in design but have characteristics that can be found in most axles. They essentially perform a triple function. Their task on one hand is to support rotating machine parts and on the other hand to carry and transfer load from and to machine parts. Last but not least to transform torque.


Forces impacting axles

Depending on the application, they have to carry different types of loads, so they can be manufactured with different types of suspensions: leaf springs, torsion axles, spiral springs, air springs. At Autóflex-Knott we can make any axle from soft spring to various hardness, standard and custom suspensions.


Standard and special needs are maxed out

In addition to the traditional areas of use (car carriers, road freight) Autóflex-Knott Kft. produces standard or custom axles for special uses. Wether it is boat transport, horse transport or caravans, our well-equipped, modern production lines and over 30 years of professional experience and highly qualified colleagues are ready to serve the needs of businesses in a wide range of fields. In addition, we can help supply our retail customers with parts.

In fact we are even prepared for truly extreme challenges. Our special axles are an effective solution for instance for special structures for film making which have movable props, mobile lamp stands, workplace or security lighting.

For these structures, we create a movable base on which virtually any superstructure can be placed and set into motion.


If you need a custom or standard axle, please ask for a call back for a personal quote by filling out the form on the contact page or browse our webshop at your pleasure.