There is no trailer without us!
All spare parts from one hand.

Trailer parts

170/52 U-bolt


170/60 U-bolt


90/60 U-bolt


90/80 U-bolt


Angle lever lock, left

casting, with pressed steel base plate

Angle lever lock, right

casting, with pressed steel base plate

Backing plate 4 holes

Backing plate (4 holes)

Bracket for wheel chock

There is also an optional wheel chock mount for the trailer wheel chock which can be fitted directly onto the trailer and the chock can be snapped into it when not in use. This way the wheel chock has a…

Bracket lock, left “0”

casting, “0”, left

Bracket lock, right “0”

casting, “0”, right

Catch plate B30

For 6X0016.007

Catch plate B35

B35, bended

Catch plate C30

B30, pressed steel