There is no trailer without us!
All spare parts from one hand.

Bosal comfort pro III bicycle carrier can easily be mounted on the towbar using a fast tensioner. Sturdy frame holders securely fix the bicycles and additionally protect them from theft.

  • Bicycle carrier for up to 3 bicycles
  • User-friendly quick release system
  • Practical tiltable mechanism by

    means of foot pedal for easy trunk


  • Multifunctional plug (7/13-pin)
  • Anti-theft device
  • Wider wheel rails, specifically for

    e-bicycles and MTB


All systems are delivered assembled and a storage bag for space-saving storage in the trunk, garage or basement is also available separately.

Additional information

Dead weight

21 Kg

Maximum load

60 kg

Dimensions (unfolded)

148 x 83 x 67,5 cm

Dimensions (folded)

25 x 83 x 76,5 cm

Max. width of tires



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