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Autóflex-KNOTT Kft. is to receive significant government support

We will receive a total of HUF 675 million in government support for our planned investments in Hungary and the United States of America. The great news was announced by Péter Szijjártó, the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The following improvements are being done

in 2021:

HEPA NTP2020-000011

Between 1 January, 2021 and 31 December, 2023 the total budget of the project is HUF 797,057,728 of which HUF 398,528,863 is financed from own resource and HUF 398,528,863 is from financial support.

The support intensity is 50%.

In addition, we pledged to invest in our US subsidiary to increase US exports.

in 2020:

HIPA VNT2020-1-0088

Between 31 May, 2020 and 30 June, 2021 the total budget of the project is HUF 553,161,000 of which HUF 276,580,000 is support.

The support intensity is 49.9%.

UMC-1000 SS/SN CNC machining center (HAAS Factory Outlet)

TruLaser 3040 (Trumpf Hungary Ltd.:)

Expansion of ventilation, roof renovation (Egresi Mérnökiroda Ltd.)


Future developments

‘With the investment in Kecskemét, Autóflex-Knott Ltd. is able to maintain its leading position in the European market of trailer axle production, ” said the Minister. Not to mention that with the development our company will protect more than 420 jobs.

Sándor H. Szabó, our managing director, said that by 2021, among other things, a new, fully automated painting line is planned to be procured and the development of the ventilation and extraction equipment will be continued.

Our success is largely due to the fact that our colleagues form a fantastic team who are moving the company forward on the path of development. In doing so, everyone is part of this new major milestone.


Our media appearances

The news has appeared in several local media outlets. Among others Baon and wrote an article on the topic. Moreover, a great summary was included in the news of Kecskeméti Televízió.

In the national media and M1 híradó ( starts at 14:30) also devoted considerable amount of time to report the event.