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Storage capacity expansion at Autoflex-Knott Kft

Order and transparency

The company called Autoflex-Knott Kft. based in Kecskemét has expanded its storage capacity. This expansion was carried out by means of the fast and efficient assistance of Logi-Store Kft.

– Our company, which was founded by H. Szabó Sándor back in 1982, is a perfect example of how a Hungarian firm can become successful on an international level if it applies a long-sighted business policy.  As part of the long-term strategy set forth by the founder, he sold 50% of his ownership to a professional investor enterprise called Knott in 1994. As a result of this deal, the firm bearing the name Autoflex-Knott Kft. became a branch of an international corporation holding.

Our company has undergone significant developments during the last 25 years; and now it owns 17 different daughter companies including ones in Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Romania as well as commercial representations in various other countries by which we can say we are practically present all over the globe. In addition to the production units, the concern has set up a privately owned supply chain as well, by means of which – for example-  we can purchase a bulk part of the rubber and plastic components, the steel board sheets, tube segments from our subsidiaries. Besides, the processes of cutting, hot dip galvanising and iron casting are all carried out by the branches of our corporate group. These conditions guarantee us an uninterrupted high level of security concerning supplies and competitive market prices are also warranted at the same time. Arising from this situation, we are able to manage and meet our customers’ ever-increasing needs in a fast and flexible manner. This year it is expected that the revenues of the premises in Kecskemét shall reach EUR 70 million, which is to exceed our top year so far (2018) by about 15 %. At corporate group level, we are calculating with a prospective turnover of EUR 150-160 million.

During the last 3 years, our production output increased by about 30%. Our company seat was the centrepiece of this development, since at the moment a major share of the finished and semi-finished goods manufactured by our daughter companies get to the customers through the Kecskemét headquarters. By doing so, we act as a kind of distribution centre – said László Ujhidy, managing director of Autoflex-Knott Kft.

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5-axled Mazak pipe laser widens the opportunities for Autoflex-Knott

Autoflex-Knott expanded its equipment park with a new laser pipe cutter machine, the type of which is Mazak 3D Fabri Gear MK II 220. The inauguration feast of the new machinery was combined with an in-house exhibition. Many Hungarian and foreign guests were invited to the event who took an interest in the project.

The exhibition held on 6 December lined up a massive part of the product range of Autoflex-Knott, including trailer axles, overrun brake systems, coupling heads as well as jockey wheels along with many other trailer components.

Apart from the exhibition, the event held provided the attendees with an insight into the complete production process of Autoflex ranging from the manufacture of hollow sections through the production of rubber components to the manufacturing and testing processes of axles.

The laser cutting machine called Mazak was conveyed by Hiroyuki Yamazaki, who is the deputy managing director of Yamazaki Mazak Europe. Then Dr Gaetano Lo Guzzo, the director of Yamazaki Mazak’s European laser technology branch, delivered a detailed presentation on the organisational make-up and the history of Mazak. At the end of his lecture, he informed the audience about the parameters and technological innovations of the newly introduced laser machinery.

The local application which was automatized by utilising a Yaskawa Motoman robot arm was introduced by Gabriele Peruzzo, the European application technology manager of Mazak Italia Srl.

Autoflex has become the first company in Hungary to install a Mazak laser-operated pipe cutter machine.

The machine was introduced to the general public at the autumn exhibition EMO Hannover, where our team could snap it alongside Mr Peruzzo delivering his speech. In our previous article you can find the basic parameters of this machine.

Autoflex uses the equipment Fabri Gear for cutting the constructional components of trailers. For assembling and welding purposes, the shaping of the hollow sections produced in-house can performed in one single step with the new laser cutting machine, which shall significantly reduce the lead time of the manufactured products.

During the closing ceremony held in the evening, Sándor H. Szabó, managing director of Autoflex expressed his thanks for the work carried out during the past year with the following words:

“The past year was about technological advancement. Although we closed a tough year, this one has been the best year for us. I would like to thank the Mazak Team for accomplishing this investment in such a short time. In the coming three years, we intend to go down the same road and keep on realising further improvements. I would herewith like to thank the Japanese Mazak Team, the Italian Team and the Hungarian Team for their efforts. They all worked together to fulfil this project. It’s been a perfect job!”

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The cradle of modern industry

The first industrial part of Kecskemét, the so-called Technik Park Heliport – located in Kecskemét-Kadafalva – was established back in 1995 by the denominator firm Technik-Park Heliport Kft.

The developer and operator of the net area covering circa 47 acres of land is the very same corporation, whose parent company is the German joint stock firm called Elring Klinger AG, considered to be one of the largest automotive industry suppliers in the world, the major profile of which is the manufacture of engine seal pastes.

The corporations operating here in this industrial area include such internationally acknowledged and nationally recognised companies as the German Freudenberg Simmerringe Kft., the American Thomas & Betts Kft., the Hamburg-based Ritz Kft., the Hungarian-German Autóflex-Knott Kft. as well as Lux Automotive Components Manufacturing Kft.

This year, the list of companies broadened even further. Within 2 years, Bosal-Autóflex Kft is to erect two car component manufacturing halls – the size of which shall be 16, 000 square metres each-  from an investment of HUF 700 million. The project will be carried out on a newly enclosed territory of 4.6 acres. The new facilities are going to create 200 new workplaces.

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