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Autóflex-Knott image film 2021

Autoflex-Knott Group 2016
Production and technologies of Autoflex-Knott Group in 2016

Autoflex-Knott manual lowering system for trailer


Autoflex-Knott hydraulic lowering system for trailer

Mazak 3D Fabri Gear MK II 220

Autoflex-Knott Hungary invested into a new Yamazaki Mazak Fabri Gear MK II 220 laser tube cutting machine, by which our machinery could be amplified. The machine can cut tubes in 5 axes, which is very useful for construction elements.

The introduction ceremony of the machine was combined with an in-house exhibition. We invited a number of Hungarian and foreign guests to this combined event.

SDA20D Friction welding cell 

Short presentation on the realization of the automatic friction welding process of the overrun-device-axis.

Autóflex-Knott Kft. produces a wide range of trailer elements. Our firm has been applying welding robots in its production processes for many years. One of the latest developments in the company was the realization of a full-automatic friction welding robot cell for welding overrun-device-axis. This task was a real technical challenge from both welding technology-related and automation-related aspects. Additionally, this is the first Hungarian application of the dual arm humanoid robot of Yaskawa.

SDA20D Assembler robot
Short presentation of our new assembler robot bound to be set in production soon.

Autoflex-Knott product video

Yaskawa Motoman automatic welding robot systems

Welding trailer axles operated by robot systems with no applied devices at Autóflex-Knott Kft. It is the first robotic system that does not apply any devices, i.e. it is a “Jigless” system of 3–robot welding cells, in which all the three robots are driven by a single control panel, meaning that 18 axles are steered at the same time.

Apart from the arc welder robot, distinct robots execute the perfect placement of the axle body and those of the individual brake drums as well as the welding process, which is performed by two circumferential welds each. In case of the latest robotic systems deemed as improved system versions, the sensor-based detection of the work-pieces is carried out by an automatic measuring system at the same time as the robotic welding is performed, which has resulted in considerable reduction in lead times.

Autoflex-Knott testing film

Innovation of Autoflex-Knott! Disc brake with hand brake.

Rubber torsion axle pressing in