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Company data

TOP 100 – Southern Hungarian Plain Region Economy 2007 “Out of the corporate businesses, the most significant 100 such enterprises of the region that operate with double-entry bookkeeping – including the ones that choose different fiscal years – were defined by us whose company seats can be found in the counties of Bács-Kiskun, Csongrád, or Békés; since the jurisdiction of the tax office is primarily based on this criterion.” (Extract from the publication issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bács-Kiskun County)

On the website of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, the balance, profit and loss account of the company, its appendix and auditing report as well as the resolution on the use of profit after taxation of the company can be found. Electronic company report The reports are available by means of a search program in which one needs to add the company’s name, its company registration number as well as its tax number.